Fissler takes leader in Cooking academies

A prestigious academy to show the way of enjoying life through appreciation of cooking, dining and enjoying the finer things of life to lead a healthy and enjoyable lifestyle.

The story behind Fissler Academy.

Being market leader for innovation and quality, Fissler is continuously looking at adding values in the market. Next year, being the 10th Anniversary of Fissler China in the Chinese market, Fissler is offering a new platform for its internal and external stakeholders. This will set a new trend to help to enhance the lifestyle of people living in China. It will also be a CRM program for the more than 300,000 valuable customers of Fissler China.

An education & interaction centre for: Fissler Staff Education & Upgrading, Young Talents, Personal Hobby & Grooming, Young Professional Chef, International Experts.

Young Talents

  • Start young from kids,
  • Kids teaching kids
  • Annual Kids Cooking Competition

For Hobby & Grooming

  • Cooking classes & tips
  • different kind of cuisines e.g. French, Italian, Japanese
  • Ingredient specific cooking e.g. Fish meals etc
  • cooking for children, senior citizens, young ladies, pregnant mothers etc..
  • Nutrition classes
  • Table setting classes
  • Wine appreciation

For Hobby & Grooming

  • Cutting Skill
  • Ingredient selection classes
  • Gourmet Tours
  • Coffee Appreciation Classes
  • Tea Appreciation Classes
  • Olive oil classes

For Young Professional

  • Upgrading skill course
  • Special culinary course
  • Advance Classes

For International Experts

  • A Platform for International Experts to share their experiences when they come to China

Power behind Fissler Academy

  • Dedicated and experienced team of Fissler China management
  • Internal and external experts specialized in its own field

Back up by a panel of International Advisors

fissler academy opened
Amount of members
Professional chef
cooking course variety


14 years working experience in Stars Hotel. He has served as a charge of the kitchen and bakery vice chef in East Asia Hotel Regal, Sheraton Hotel, and the peace hotel .


9 years working experience in Stars Hotel. He has served as a kitchen supervisor and Western Kitchen vice Chef in Shanghai Crowne Plaza Hotel, Langham Hotel.


11 years working experience in Stars Hotel. Served as a kitchen supervisor in Shanghai Regent Hotel, Torre Vermella Hotel Shanghai and the St. Regis Shanghai Pak Delight Inn. Specializes in Italy cuisine and Mediterranean cuisine.


Gorden has 10 years’ experience in super five-star hotel. Good at French cooking, Australian gourmet cooking, from three on the Bund to the Park Hyatt, and then cooperation with the Fissler academy, Gorden hope to share their Western culinary experience and feelings, with all cooking enthusiasts.


Luigi has 10 years’ super five-star hotel culinary management experience, and he has traveled to Italy to study traditional Western cooking skills. After returning to a Shanghai, he became the chef of Grand Hyatt.


Kelvin,a creative, and passionate cook, always pursuit of excellence, dedicated to present the food to his guests. Kelvin has over 13 years of work experience, he has been the Chef and executive chef in Shanghai four seasons Hotel, Park Hyatt Hotel, The Langham Hotel etc.

Xiao wei

Served as the bakery supervisor in the Legendale Hotel. Good at all kinds of desserts.

Kang bing bing

Served as cook in park plaza.

Rong yu

15 years working experience in Stars Hotel. Served as chef in Beijing Legendale Hotel, MAISON BOULUD( Michelin two Star)

Hu bing

Served as kitchen management in a Friday restaurant.