Boiled Shrimps


Baked Cake


Chicken satay skewer with deep fried prawn cake

Material: Chicken leg 200g,Prawn meat 50g,Squid 50g,Coriander 100g, Lemon grass 110g,Breadcrumbs 50g,onions 50g,Flour 130g,Garlic 40g,Cucumber 30g,Egg 50g,Olive oil 200g, Soy sauce 20g,Satay sauce 50g,White sesame 5g,Chilli sauce 50g,Bamboo stick*4 ...
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Bamboo shot chicken soup with toona sinensis fried rice

Material: Chicken 500g, Bamboo shot 100g,Toona sinensis 20g, Carrot 30g,Snow pea 20g,Spring onion 20g,Ginger 10g,Thailand rice 100g,Olive oil 20g,Salt 10g,white pepper 5g,Soy sauce 10g,Cooking wine 10g,Egg*1 ...
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